Section 106 Agreement

Section 106 legal agreement advice & negotiation

SM Planning provides advice and negotiation guidance on Section 106 Agreements.

Depending on the nature of your development proposal, the local authority may require you to provide infrastructure improvements to mitigate the impact of the proposed development.

These developer contributions (referred to as ‘Planning Obligations’) may be secured by the local authority through a fixed tariff Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL contribution) or a Section 106 Agreement and in some circumstances a combination of both.

Section 106 Agreements are becoming increasingly complex and SM Planning can advise on whether obligations are reasonably required based on ever evolving legislation and guidance. Our specialist team of London Planning Consultants can advise you and your legal representative on these matters and on the preparation of the legal agreement and can also provide you with advice on the phasing of payment of contributions, negotiating this with the local authority on your behalf with the aim of creating open and efficient dialogue to make the process run as smoothly as possible and to minimise the burden of obligations on the development.


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